it is time again

Independence Square

Independence Square

I apologize to my viewers and followers for being away from here for a little while. I expect that you have kept up with my activity on Facebook. It is again getting to be a most exciting time in our SKN, but I will not be detracted from my mission, but add and include what I can, and where I can.  Activities in SKN do not change the issues, it just give some folks the opportunity to ‘drag the red herring’ in front of us, but I dare say that the wise people among us will not be fooled.  Being fooled is a subjective and personal matter, and some of us will always allow ourselves to be fooled, but don’t be baffled by the foolery, everyone knows what is in it for them. It is a chance we all take, but we still bawl out ‘foul’ when we do not win. It is human nature and it behooves us well if we learn to understand how this works at our earliest.

There is no one big thing that should occupy our minds right now. Actually, what may look like a big thing may only be a bunch of little things … like a bouquet, of many flowers put together into a larger format, but it is very simple and easy to dismantle, if you know  how and where to begin. No matter how big an issue appear to be it always start with a simple atom. The smallest indivisible particle. The one and one drops of water add up until you get a glass of water, and still more drops gives you a swimming pool, and then there is the million gallon reservoir up my street. If it is ever necessary, it can all be dismantled down to that one single drop. So to is everything on our planet, and given the technology today, I don’t even want to think about the realities and possibilities.

In the past year we have seen and heard many things. They are gone into history but the effect will be here until eternity.  Our future is created by our present, some people are still clueless, and still more just do not care, but whoever you are and whatever you do today will have irretrievable repercussions tomorrow. Hind sight is a nice expression but of impractical value.  I am not one for accepting ‘hind sight’,  and do not accept that excuse because it is given to man to know the “right things to do” in their present circumstance, if they are really serious about doing the right things. It is a human thing to play smart with oneself, and others, but there is no way around truth, and real justice will always prevail. It is incumbent us to do the right thing, whether someone is watching or not, because we never get a second chance. It appear to some that they get a second chance,  if so consider yourself lucky, because somebody, somewhere must be really love you.

Many things are under focus in our SKN. I am not focusing on any one thing, though everything will get noticed, and may not get a mention in my blog. Everyone has an opinion, and sometimes I feel led to share mine. It is not meant to persuade anyone to shift their ‘lane’ or even give my view  a second thought. I just see thing differently sometimes, as you do too. There are those who will get upset with my view, I hope they will just grow up, and move on. I have learned to appreciate everyone, and respect them for what they believe. This is the season when some humans with psychological difficulties will get upset with people who do not see eye to eye with them. Knowing this I am staying to myself and away from the crowds were people display that mentality. I am a peace loving person but I also have a contingency “plan B” in case I run into these persons who don’t seen to understand the word “NO”.

This brings me to my recent post on Facebook today following an article of the Commissioner of Police.  In case you are not on Facebook let share what I wrote there:

“”Most if not all of us could agree with what the Commissioner of Police was reported to have said in a MiyVue article dated Saturday 20th July, 2013. I agree that talk is good for all of us, but I am not so sure that we are drilling down into the potentially problematic young minds. I am to assume that we are using the Radio and Tv to broadcast positive messages daily, to uplift, motivate and educate the listeners. I am also to assume that we are feeding these young minds positive and motivational messages, at their source, in all our SKN schools. It may be possible that some of the criminals today could have spent their whole 5-years or more of school without any educational exposure to the negative effects of crime and criminality.

I believe that signage, posters and stickers, can be used in addition to other aids, in our fight “against crime”. I don’t know who tell us that our people do not read, but every sign, poster and sticker in sight is read by everyone in SKN. In the not to distant future SKN will be in the throws of a political election. We will all be impacted by billboards, posters, stickers, manifestos, and a whole lot of written material … and it will all get read by everyone, because they want to know. I say this because we, like everyone else, have CRIME in our country, and we either have to vote for it or vote against it. We vote for crime if we do not intend to spend the money to create the awareness necessary, throughout our nation, with billboards, posters, flyers, sticker, etc. to help our inhabitants to agree that we should all vote against crime.

Crime has nothing to do with any politics. More acts of crime may be perpetrated against adults. Adults rationalize the criminal acts, whereas the young people may not. We say that we are who we are, and it is incumbent upon all of us to fight crime, on every front, with every available resource, and I believe the winning fight begins in our own minds.””

I suspect that we are mainly focusing on this aspect of crime because people die, and it is an international statistic, and we need our country to look good.  I am not opening any can of worms, but there are  many hundreds of crimes committed each day against many of our people, but law enforcement in our country and like many other countries are not dealing with it.  It is not that they do not know, and it is not that they do not care, it may be that they are not willing to stand the high cost of establishing  the anti crime units necessary, to see to and improve the welfare of our people.  With all the scholarships, doctors, nurses and trained people, not to mention the “resident medical schools” on our islands,  there may be something that I do not know, something that I may be missing,  as to the reasons why we do not have certain anti crime units in SKN already.

I can understand that the personnel to run and manage these operations could be extremely problematic, because the reality of the situation may be that we cannot find within our community  honest and decent people who can professionally operate the  institutes in our SKN. Private and confidential information is leaked out, like is the norm. We are supposed to have a certain confidence in the system of law enforcement and justice, but when sensitive information is on the street in minutes, and weapons and evidence can disappear from very tight security, we the inhabitants may have a problem with that, and we will not support any unprofessional operation set up to take care of our problems. It is just human nature. If we hear that the culprits are brought to justice it might help some of us to have more confidence in the system.

I am not on the case of the authorities concerned, but I suspect that they know their capabilities and are not willing to waste their resources knowing the practical impossibility of the task. By now you should have caught on that it is all a matter of TRUST. So nothing is perfect, so maybe we should still give it a shot. I am pretty sure that if an abusive ‘boyfriend’ or ‘husband’ is sternly addressed by a serious law enforcement officer, we can hear of positive results. But you know in SKN some man does get vexed when they find that they are wrong, so the necessary support has to be in place to deal with the black eye and burst mouth, that could result, and the perpetrators. Now if the woman is driven to  get a gun and shoot him up, in defense of here own salvation, that would be considered as unwarranted and excessive force, but when she getting beat up and kicked up like a floor cloth, nobody saying anything.  So who give man the right to treat women like that?  and then to get away with it? You know the answer, and you had better do something about it, because it can only get worse.


 Maybe it is because of my surname that some people seem to feel that I am supposed to have a serious view on the political happenings of the day.  Unlike some people, I am not flabbergasted or surprised by today’s happenings, either inside or outside of SKN. When you learn to have the ultimate respect for people you are never surprised at what people do, or what people say.  It is their right to be themselves, to do what they want to do, and to say what they want to say.  You are also free and it is your right to listen or not to listen to what they have to say. Just be very sure that your DESTINY is NOT tied to them, or else you might find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. If they are hotting your POT and paying your BILLS then you have need to be very concerned with what they say and what they do, and to decide what you can do and cannot do in the not to distant future.

I do not have that difficulty because my DESTINY is not tied to any of them. I am still on  full manners, giving my ‘hello’ to everyone, even though some of them do not respond.  I was taught a long time ago to be courteous to everyone, but don’t expect everyone to be nice, because that is just human nature.  We can see that many things have changed in our world today and in our SKN. It is not like how it “use to was” in our times, of the fifties and sixties. We need to accept that and not give way, but try to explain to this new generation that they did not just get here by themselves, just like that, they are here because of what we did and did not do.  I am convinced that the sensible people of our now generation is capable of crafting the rules and regulations that would guide us through our many changes. The changes have started and will continue, unceasingly. We are now into another change cycle.

Some of us can live in this new environment but many of us are not adapting and coping with the daily changes. It is not easy but one has to develop patience and tolerance. It is my view that you are still here because you learned a survival skill in your youth, and you should not let yourself be impacted to the extent that you forget, what you know and practiced, it will stand you in good stead today. It is very easy to want to be ‘cool’ and more compatible with what seems to be the ‘in thing’ of the day, but that is not of you and will only bring you grief, horrors and death ultimately. If you do not eat pork and beef, do not start now.  If it was not good for you 50-years ago, so why is it suddenly good for you now? Nothing has changed so leave the ‘pork and beef’ severely alone. Sense alone should be your guide.

I like how there are some people who feel that they have the gift of prediction.  They can look into , whatever it is that they look into, and deal with whatever they are dealing with and know the future. There may also be those people who use a different branch of science to predict the outcome of political elections.  There are those ordinary folks who just have a ‘gut’ feeling on the election outcome.  I do not get caught up in any predictive or non predictive science. What is to happen will happen.  Whatever happens is for a purpose, but that purpose may not be revealed to us now, but to some future generations, whose future is based on our present actions.  We may not like the outcome of the present activity but that is how it has to be. The electorate will do what they have to do and everything else will just fall into place.  Be not be dismayed, we all have our part to play by ensuring that we vote for what we KNOW IS RIGHT, and not what we believe should be right.


Independence Square will soon have an upgrade. I am looking forward to this, and to taking Lady Elka and the grand children here for a Sunday afternoon promenade.  I expect it will be a sight to behold at sunset and after dark with the new lights. I do not know if the Independence Square may become a photographers outdoor location of choice as it was some forty and fifty years ago. In this dispensation it could lend itself rather nicely to the new and modern lighting technology and techniques, and I hope that we are allowed to walk and pose our models on the grass, of our now sophisticated Independence Square. This may be one of many trinkets to look forward to for Independence 2013.

[To be continued]

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what goes around

Independence Square

Living in St Kitts is one of the better things that someone can do. To me living is of a ‘thing’ and not of a ‘place’. In SKB there are those of us who like to argue, discuss and debate, and most times it is just for the sake of creating a disturbance, as for the most times there is nothing of any substance to gain from the chatter. It is really not unusual for us to engage in futility after consuming a few bottles of spirits, from whence may come the utterances of the ages. But talk is cheap, and in these apparently hard economic times we have to take to the road that we can afford, but talk can becomes expensive when you mash  somebody corn. Regrettably we no longer seek to settle difference like men of old times with fists, but resorts to terrorist and warfare tactics with apparently illegally imported high tech artillery.

Independence Square

We live on the best Island in the world and more of us are growing to recognize that every GOD sent day. Of course we live along side those of us who love us and those of us who hate us. Some lovers and haters are open and some are secretive. Nothing wrong with that, it is a human characteristic, and one just has to safeguard themselves from the haters and fellowship with the lovers … and leave the rest to GOD. SKB is also one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. At the rate things are going maybe the whole Island could become a World Heritage Site, as soon as someone, somewhere, can work out a way to legally upload all of us to the moon, Mars, or some place out of SKN. Sounds far fetched? Nothing is impossible, with technology.

Independence Square

SKN is tourist country. We all know that, but some of us still working overtime to sabotage the country. That is how some people are. Kill the country and unthinkingly kill yourself. Maybe it is a patch of ignorance the system has not cleared out.  But there are those of us who don’t care one iota about the future of St Kitts and Nevis, nor of our grand children. All their waking moments are to destroy SKN at all costs .. it does not matter if they die in the process. But we have to understand and appreciate that this attitude is normal, natural and to be expected. It helps to maintain the natural balance of our world. No need to get vexed and upset, be prepared, and work around it. If you don’t have a”plan B” then you are dead in the water.

Independence Square

I enjoy walking around in beautiful, peaceful and quiet Liamuiga. Ever so often I meet someone with a real complaint. In my opinion these complaints should not exist. The commonality with these complaints seem to stem from the fact that the people we elect to serve us are not looking after the best interests of some of the people. They posture like they are GOD. But GOD is not like that, God gives to every man.  We must not assume that because some people were once high up in the “church” that they still maintain a grip on the principles and teachings.  In our materialistic world “money” frighten most people, more so when they can amass between six figures and one billion. 

Independence Square

We need to pray for our leaders, some of whom seem to be forgetting that they are there for the weaker among us and not just for themselves alone. In a small country like our of 52,000 people it is virtually impossible for any poor person to be left behind. Think about it. It is not impossible to care for 52,000 people if you really want to.  But maybe the “rich” exist  because of the “poor”, and some need to maintain the poor at all cost.  But we can make SKN the exception, if we really want to.  Today’s blog was to be about the sabotage that can exist in beautiful Liamuiga, but we digressed. You would notice, if you look closely, that the fountain at Independence square is not looking as “bright” as it has been in times past. I think it became “run down” from a lack of maintenance.

Independence Square

If you have followed the commentary on some photos in my Facebook albums, you recognize that something positive is being done by some concerned citizens. Unfortunately an element of sabotage seems to have crept into the works, and certain commitments are dishonored and nothing has happened for weeks. I do not know who the “workers” are, so I cannot apologize for them, but we do know that if rain is set up on the hill, nothing is going to happen at Independence Square … and we are getting a shower every day now. Today is cricket so any work there is unlikely, and the scaffolding promised, has not yet materialized. But this is SKB, so you never know. Let us pray that this fountain can be restored to its former glory real soon, and then maintained for the appreciation and enjoyment of all our Residents and Tourists alike.

Independence Square

On my most recent City walkabout I ran into two young persons who claim to be receiving some hard knocks from the system. I could understand the young businessman’s plight, as his marketing strategy, may not auger well with his competition and he has to develop a work around. Maybe a business partner of a foreign complexion may put him in the ball park again. The other person I met was the GENTLEMAN who created our NATIONAL ANTHEM. I would not expect this person to be getting any “bullshit” and “hard time” over a development plan which would allow the YOUTHS and PEOPLE of SKN to benefit from his  vast MUSICAL knowledge and expertise. Maybe some people in the GOVERNMENT have a problem with, or do not like our NATIONAL ANTHEM. It is not going anywhere, it is with us for eternity … but of course they can change it … maybe when we become a REPUBLIC. 

Independence Square

We as people have to understand that we are only passing through on this earth. Some of us recognize that we should do the best that we can for whom we can, but some of us may be so full of nothing, that we have nothing to give and share. Like I said before, this is life, and everyone was created for “their” specific purpose in this life. We have to work with or work around people, places and things. No need to get upset, just go to “plan B”, and if that plan does not work, then go to “plan C’. We have not to be unduly upset because, “what goes around, comes around”  ….  and sometimes HARDER. 

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May again

May was never my best month. It is a great month for me now, since I have decided to be happy, irrespective. My Dad, the late Sir Joseph N France KCMG, died in 1997, and every Labour Day, the first Monday in May, the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party makes this ‘pilgrimage’ to the graveside of their past leaders, and lay wreaths. There is no getting away from that. In addition, there is also the Requiem Mass on the last Sunday of May. There is no escaping that either. One would try to put a parent’s death behind them, but when that parent is a National Hero, it is practically impossible. It was so unsettling to me that I had to boycott the functions for a few years. 15 years is time enough to be normal again. Some folks never get over the passing of a loved one, friend or family. It is a reality that we must all face at some point in time, sooner or later.

We are fast approaching the mid year and may wonder how much more unwelcome news that we will receive. Even before 2012 began we were treated to introductory levels of stupidness, foolishness and matters that we did not wish to accept as happening in our world, country and community today. By now we have come to realize that the foolishness, stupidness and unwelcome information propagated via the media is real, and is not going away … in fact it is now becoming the norm and we have to deal with it daily. The stories making the news are real. It is not the first time for any of them. It may be the first time that some of us are hearing about these happenings, like a mother being reunited with her long lost son, next thing she is on the bench for incest.  Popular icons are found hanging. Nothing new, but thanks to an efficient media, which thrive on disseminating information.

We are always living in the last days. Booze and sex has always been with us. So has the atrocities. So has the system of justice. What we may need very badly in these times is a few good men and women to intercede. Can we find those few to intercede for our world, our country, our nation, or ourselves? I suspect that it is imperative that we do, and if we think that we are finding ourself short, then it is incumbent upon us to become the intercessors. Someone has to stand in the gap. Let us face the facts. Some of us are nice and some of us are downright evil.  We are either good or bad. There is no warm. We are either alive or dead. This is reality, and I believe that living and life revolve around it.  Don’t get mad or upset, this is just my view.

Disrespect is the #1 word in the world today, this is my view. The total lack of respect for anything and everything for anyone and everyone. Every act, whether in thought, word or deed, that is perpetrated against another human being, irrespective of their station in life, is a product of disrespect. For some it may be classified as a sin.  Our societies are built on respect, but in 2012, the powers of darkness seemed to have launched a serious attack on RESPECT. It is a global attack. It is a National attack. Those of us who value “respect” have to take a stand, because there are more of us than of them, and where two or three are gathered in unity, we have strength.  It is not just about talk, we have to demonstrate it. We have to practice respect, inside, outside and everywhere.

We have 20,000 vehicles on the streets here. Some drivers respect the rules of the traffic, but you can see those who do not, like talking on cell phones while driving, not giving way to traffic on your right, etc. It is miraculous how lives are not lost, and whenever it does happens, that one life lost is way too much for our small community, because it would not happen, if we respect the rule of law. We all know right from wrong, but people now seem to be caught up in disrespect and foolishness so as to enrich themselves. Image that? I am yet to see anyone carry their fifty million dollars with them.  I guess that if the question is asked “what did you do with you life’, maybe a response like, “I acquired 50 million bucks” may count for something.

If the follow up question is , “and what did you do with that 50 million bucks” …. I really don’t know what would be a right answer. These days we are led to believe that there are no right or wrong answer to almost everything on this side of the river, but no one has come back from the other side to tell us what are the correct responses, so that we can be adequately prepared. We all subscribe to various teachings with some commonality, which gives us guidelines as to how we should approach living with ourselves and with each other. We are supposed to be civilized and educated, but in recent times we seem to have adopted a barbaric mentality, even to the point of trying to incite people to threaten the life of people put in authority.

Disrespect for any of our brothers and sisters show a real disregard and disrespect for our GOD.

The world is round and what goes around comes around, harder. We need to intercede and to pray daily for the return of total respect, at all levels, in our country.  Whatever we do today is an investment in our future. It is up to us to make the right choice and decision today. What we sow today will be reaped by our children and grand children tomorrow.

But some of us don’t really care about that. Do we?

The photos above are from the laying of the wreath on the grave of the late Sir Joseph N France KCMG, by his grand daughter, on Labour Day, May 7th 2012.

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almost the norm

I was looking for a break in the 2012 madness, but just when it was coming in sight, something seems to have derailed the process. It is hard to live  in a small country and not be affected by the thoughts and actions of the people who we are expected to respect and who are leading by example. In these times these words may seem to refer to our Government, but in reality these words refer to our law abiding citizenry, the rank and file who have always been here, and who have ensured that we are here, today.  By any comparison the Government, as we call it,  is young, with a lifespan of 5-years. Most of us who have significantly impacted the Federal landscape have been actively doing so for 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years, but we seem to be giving way to, or buckling under a subtle pressure exerted by a new wave of thinking, that seem to be ushered in by the last generation.

I do not wish to get into any lengthy discussion or argument on this topic, because we should  be aware of the conflict that surface and exists between the old folks and the young folks these days. We want the young folks to run things, probably in theory, but then the old folks move so slow, in practice, that it frustrates and probably sabotages the youths. Well what do you expect to happen? I am not specifically referring to any alleged “Carnival situation”, because we don’t have to look far or listen hard, to see this scenario being played our globally and also inside our SKN as well. ‘Foolishness’ may be the proper description for activities that defy common sense and wisdom, but ‘stupidness’ may bring it home to us on a more local and cultural level.

Well April done and we went into May … May Day and Labour Day. I am not getting into any talk about that. Everybody have their own viewpoint, and I could see the “technical” point being made to possibly justify marching. But I do not believe that many of the rank and file appreciated and saw the technicality. So to some it would appear to be stupidness. In my opinion these highfalutin strategies should be reserved for  a more appropriate “time, people and place”. But since that was given as a prime reason for marching, and since the march was a great success, I am of the view that the “PEOPLE” must now be PAID in full. I am not stiring up anything, but honesty is still the best policy.

 The photos above are from the Agriculture Open Day April 26th 2012. I eat raw plantain of this variety, and these in the photo above ended up on my plate. A few days later I needed more plantains and checked out all the vendors on the Bay Road and the market only to discover that this variety of plantain is NOT SOLD in St Kitts anymore. I am told that it is not GROWN anymore, and when they  do exist, the farmers THROW THEM AWAY because no one buys them. This is what I call STUPIDNESS.  I am not on the farmers case, because they have to grow what we say we want to eat.

I do not have any difficulty eating and digesting this variety of plantain. I prefer it to a banana. Somewhere along the way people in our country stopped eating this variety of plantain. I would really like to know why.  I am still looking for this plantain and any farmer who has this variety of plantain to throw away, please put them in a box and call me for them, 869-660-9707. I will hire a bus and come for them. Since you are throwing these plantains away you should not be charging me for them, but I will pay you for taking your time to harvest and prepare them for transportation. I need this plantain to eat daily. You see how great life is in St. Kitts, that we have good FOOD to throw away … then we bawling about VAT, and how hard things be. STUPIDNESS.

The Agriculture Open Day seem to be better attended this year.

These photos are in a Facebook photo album, a public photo album for everyone to view.

The Hon Prime Minister

The Hon Minister of Agriculture.

The Hon Minister of Agriculture.

Every Monday produce is imported from Dominica. Most times the Dominican traders dock at the Deep Water pier, sometimes with luck, docking is at the inter island Ferry Terminal.

A section of a shop at the Amina Craftmarket on Port zante.

Port Zante, a popular liming spot for tourists and for local residents.

The Labour Queen Pageant where I learnt a few more things about photography.

It is hard to believe that the photos were all taken with the pop-up flash built into the camera and ISO 1600. But then it is a Canon camera, so I should not be surprised. And that is NO stupidness.

The hurricane season is up next from June 1st, we hope for no unusual excitement, but how things are going for 2012, we may need to prepare to weather some more  “stuipidness”.

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still more stupidness

Let not your heart be troubled.  In times like these we have to not just lightly focus on words like these, but to concentrate and seriously meditate on them, if we are to remain sane and not get caught up and overwhelmed with the ‘stupidness’ that now seems to be fast becoming the norm. A day without ‘stupidness’ is indeed a day to be praised.  I hope that someone is cataloging these unusual happenings so that we can reflect and laugh at what transpired in our world yesterday.

I find that some things that would seem to be foolishness and stupidness to me is acceptable  in the sight of some of our “learned” community. And they may be right, because one arrives at that destination through learning, understanding and wisdom, and more, and it is not about “book sense” as some would have the rest of us believe. No two persons see the ‘light’ in the same way, nor the ‘dark’ for that matter.  This is not a knock on anyone, just the way life is, but some of us still do not see it.

It could be laughable when the stupidness we hear about is on the other side of the world, but when it could be about us , whether on the other side of the world or at home, it may not be so laughable. But these are signs of the times we live in, and we need not forget that. Every day is more stupidness, and it gets more complicated and complex by the hour.  I must say that the media is doing a great job of bringing the stupidness to us as it happens, as soon as it happens … they are on the ball. We get to see really close up how the dark side of people play in this game. Unparalleled reportage.

As I scribe I hear of a snake in the Frigate Bay. Whether it is found or caught, is not important, because the island was supposedly rid of snakes for decades. So how come in 2012 a 5-foot or longer snake could be flourishing in SKB, and in Frigate Bay at that? Are we playing the fool? Don’t we know what responsibility is? We may not have grasped the idea that “this land is our land”. The concept may still be eluding most of us, who are only just now awaking to ‘something’.

Some of my friends are getting caught up in the excitement and drama of the daily stupidness and foolishness [to me], but we have to go pass all that, because at the end of the day we are not any further on or any better off, and some of the perpetrators of the stupidness and foolishness knows that, but it is their mission, and they have a job to do, but some of us are not wise enough to recognize that yet. The Christian minded folks should be aware that Peter and Judas each had their life mission, and nothing stopped them from completing their task. There will always be a Judas, but it will not stop any show.

The photos here are of and from Independence Square in April. The Tourist season resumes in another few month and it is expected that the throughput would show increase irrespective the global recession. This facility is in need of serious refurbishing, and some citizens seem to be working on that, as we recognize that the establishment cannot do everything, as some folks seem to believe. This land is our land. Today the “politicians” are here, but by tomorrow they are “gone” … not because some of them seem to feel that they will be here forever.  Nothing at all go so.

We are not through seeing and hearing stupidness for 2012. We do not need to be caught up in any of it. We have to pray for our brothers and sisters who get a touch off, that they be de-contaminated ASAP, because it could have a profound effect on their life.  What is going to happen for Carnival in October 2012? Nothing. Business as usual.  That is the harsh reality of the world today.  Chew you up and spit you out, whether or not you are strong enough and have family support. Sorry, I am not talking about any specific situation or happening, just talking in general, because that is the reality of life in our world.

We are just passing through this world and should seek to leave where we passed a little better for those following.  It is easy to do, but most of us don’t like easy, so we seek out the most hard and difficult things that do not concern us, and which do not add any value to our life and living. At the end of the day we claim success but yet we have nothing to show. It is not about the tangible as some would wish to believe, because no matter what we do, we leave all that behind. We need to make the right choices and the right investments, leave the foolishness and stupidness behind, because naught plus naught is still naught.

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more stuipidness

My blogs are to keep me busy and out of trouble. Troublesome is a thing with older folks, but some of us are not aware of what goes with the aging territory and we could make a private and or public nuisance of ourselves. I do not mean that the nuisances that we are presently observing and experiencing have anything to do with aging, because this year, 2012, is the year for stupidness, and all-kinds-of-things will come to light … but let not your heart be troubled. This is the way that certain scenarios are to be played out in our lifetime. It seems to me that the young people are not loosing any sleep over anything “stupid” but the older folks allow themselves to be bothered.

The images inserted here have nothing to do with stupidness. Human beings are fass, as in newsy, jeps, nosy, inquisitive, minding-everybody-business-but-their-own, etc., they like plenty information, so I am obliging today with some supposedly ‘safe’ images. I am keeping out of trouble and not snapping any stupidness. My plan was to blog weekly, and I have to break out of this 40-day rut, because “it is not working” for me. There is so much action going on that finding a blog starting point is almost proving difficult.

I was talking about “stupidness 2012″. I hope that someone is cataloging the daily stupidness, both locally and internationally. The daily stupidness is really no laughing matter on one hand, but on another we should be free to laugh at the apparent stupidity that seem to defy common sense. We must respect the creators of the stupidness, because of their authority and status, but we must not refuse to see the humour in the stupidness and laugh till we bawl, because laughter is still the best medicine and the cure for almost all ills.

In case you did not recognize the visitors, please meet Prince Edward and his wife.

Of my 500+ images from the Royal visit this is one of the handful that I like. One of my Facebook viewers describe this as a “gangsta” pose. I don’t know anything about gangsta and gangsterism but whatever the Prince said grabbed Sir Probyn’s attention. All young people are alike, irrespective.

The view of Sandy Point from the Brimstone Citadel on a clear day is worth more than the $2.00 gate token. It is a scene and a view that many people will take to their grave and many more will give anything to catch it again. We have it here all the time, but many of us are not appreciative of the paradise that we live in, but we have time to engage in “stupidness” while the gems of life are slowly passing us by.

We have nine more months of stupidness to come.  I expect that we will see such intensification as to update the wonders of the world . What can outdo the President’s prostitution detail?  We just have to wait and see.

“Let not your heart be troubled”

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I told you so

Aure of the Seas

January passed by and I did not say anything. Imagine that. With so much happening here over the last forty [40] days. It is beginning to look like 40-days have greater significance than we care to ascribe it. This must be the vibration for 2012, but I am not getting caught up with numbers because that is upsetting to some folks in Nevis, and throughout our beautiful islands Federation. Where things drop they will stop. All I want is peace and tranquility to return to SKN, no matter what it takes. We are all only passing through, but some of us may feel that we shall be here forever. I could also understand that some folks want their name written in the history books more than once, maybe more than twice, but that too will pass, unless it can be made into an everlasting record.

Allure of the Seas - Tour rain Forest

This is the year of “I told you so”, and that is all I will say. I will treat everything this year like it is new, totally new, as like the first time, it was not here before. Some people could have a problem with that, but that will not be my problem, and I hope you do not make it yours either. This is the real world that we live in, and this is the year that we are supposed to see, and hear amazingly, great and stupid things, and experience, some startling, revealing, exotic and positive vibrations. If we are not open minded we will get caught between worlds and miss out on the joy of SKN living in 2012.

Allure of the Seas - Cycling Tour

Every other day could take you from the most beautiful panorama viewed from a Liamuiga mountain top, down to the darkest hole at the bottom of the sea. Next day it is up on the mountain top again, but you could be so mentally challenged, stupefied and traumatized, from the day before, that you are not able to appreciate the silver and gold on the platter placed in front your very nose. These are the days that some of us could be living in. Some of us don’t know the formula to apply, or the way to the key cabinet, to get that key to unlock and free our self from the pressures, and whatever else has that vice grip on our minds. And it is not just an SKN thing either. I am not getting into any Soul Train business.

Allure of the Seas - Diving

For this year I am doing less talking, because one photo is worth 1000 words, and in some case 5000 words. I can’t apologize for the photos, I am only snapping what is allowed  to exist in our real world. I would hope that for 2012 we could move certain aspects of our country up a notch instead of “marking time” for yet another year. Given the apparently new vibration for this year nothing is labeled as “marking time”, and if it is not moving up …..

Allure of the Seas - Catamaran Tour

Allure of the Seas ushered out 2011, on a positive note, as far as the show we put on for the visitors, but we still seem to have some hard looking local issues to deal with. These are not going away until we resolve to deal with them. But we are putting all that behind us, leaving that in 2011, and starting fresh for 2012 … like this is the very first time we are seeing it, so “let us go see how this water going bruk for 2012″.

Allure of the Seas

When there is a real need we can get things organized.

Allure of the Seas - Tour Scenic Railway

From the looks of it everybody got what they wanted, and the tours and tour operators all seem to be well organized.  But that is what we seem to do best in SKN.

Allure of the Seas

The Allure of the Seas is not supposed to drop into SKN again before 2013, but you never know, because the SKN people got some big brains, and have a way with pulling heart strings, they like to make the impossible happen, and usually do, so I am not ruling out a 2012 visit from the Allure of the Seas, or her sister liner, I am even now contemplating taking bets. I may yet get the chance to tell you again, “I told you so”.

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